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Blog posts of '2019' 'June'

24V Cummins Pulls a Heavy Load up Steep Canyon Highway with Compound Turbos
Ben Cook's 24v Cummins stays below 1200 degrees while pulling a heavy load up the steep (6% grade) Parley's Canyon Hwy from Salt Lake City to Park City, going from 4500-7000 feet above seas level, with DPS 62/71/12 over S475 Compounds Turbos. Diesel Power Source Compounds regulate temps so well that high EGT's become a non-issue. Our Compound Turbo kits reduce temps by 300-400 degrees and increasing horse power around 25%. Designed so everything fits like it was built from the factory, these compounds bolt directly up to your stock exhaust pipe and come with everything you need to install. If you have any questions, we would love to talk with you, please give us a call! ** the end of the video incorrectly states the total commercial vehicle weight as 25,000 lbs the owner is going to get a scale tick of the official weight of which we will post.