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 Adjusting the Wastegate on a DPS Turbocharger



DPS Exhaust Manifold 3-Piece for the 2nd Gen 12 Valve Cummins

















 DPS Super High Flow Air Filter Installation 



Changing Turbine Oil Seal

















2-Piece DPS 3rd Gen Exhaust Manifold for 5.9L Cummins by Diesel Power Source

















Driving a DPS Ball Bearing 62/71/12 Turbo
















DPS 360 Degree Thrust Bearing
















DPS Oil-Cooled Ball Bearing Turbo Winding Down
















DPS Artic Air Intake Manifold


Machining a Turbo Housing for a Fummins Twin Kit


CNC Machining a 3rd Gen Exhaust Manifold


DPS Stocker Twin Kit


DPS Triple Turbo Kit


Dodge Diesel Twin Turbo VCR Drag Racing


Diesel Power Source Twin Turbo Dodge Ram