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Bought S483 with Turbonator VGT totally worth the money
So I’ve got my new S483 BW turbo on with the Turbonator exhaust housing and I’ve gotta say initial thoughts are that this thing is the real deal! First thing you notice is the engine is quieter. Sounds exactly like a VGT engine again. I liked the rumble of the engine with the standard housing, but on windy days at certain rpm’s this thing would resonate in the cab something terrible......that’s not gonna be an issue anymore. Quieter at all rpm’s. Cleaned up all of my black smoke except above 40 psi. Then it starts to puff. But I think that might be running off the compressor map around that point too. Cruise control actually works better too. No turbo lag which means the engine isn’t trying to play catch-up when you transition from a downhill into an uphill. I never ran the cruise in situations like that to limit the black smoke and keep the engine from over fueling like crazy to overcome the slow spool up. Now it works seamlessly! EGT’s are definitely lower at anything less than WTFO. I have probes in the manifold at the turbine inlet, and I’d say I lost AT LEAST 150-200 degrees at cruising speeds! Hoping to see an uptick in mileage, but even without that I’d say it’s worth the money!!
Short | 11/3/2022 7:11 PM
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