“We believe our God-given liberties enable us to push the boundaries of technology for the betterment of mankind and to give back. Through passionate innovation, we challenge the status quo and provide products that excite."

Diesel Power Source is a Utah based company, in business since 2003, that offers a variety of products as solutions to the problems facing diesel engines, including the Semi transportation industry. Developed in 2006, our DPS Compound Turbo Kits were among the pioneering mass-produced compound turbo kits for light duty diesel pickup trucks. Unmatched in quality, these kits introduced cutting-edge materials and ground-breaking components previously unseen in the industry.  DPS is currently adapting our kit for use in semi-trucks, extending its groundbreaking performance to a wider range of vehicles.

DPS has successfully become a leading expert in the turbocharger and diesel performance industry.  We have conceived, patented, produced, and sold a myriad of diesel products. Our patented and patent-pending technology increases performance reduces fuel costs and vehicle emissions through innovative diesel products. DPS is the manufacturer of the Turbonator® VGT turbocharger. Our proprietary technology gives us a competitive edge over our competition because it delivers noticeable results, and we have an unparallel ability to bring innovative products to market.  DPS continuously has unique products in various research and development stages.  

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