Diesel Power Source FAQ'S

What turbos does DPS offer for sale?

We offer the s300 3rd Gen swap kit; Single turbos; Compound Kits; and Fummins / Chummins compound turbos.

Why would someone want a single turbo?

A single turbo helps upgrade your turck to run better or simply to add power for your truck.  A DPS single turbo pulls in more air, cooler EGTs, and gives more horsepower.

Why would someone want a Stocker kit?

A stocker kit is a great choice if you already have stock turbo that is in good condition and you would like a twin turbo setup. The stocker kit, also called an Add-A-Turbo kit adds about 22% more power, lowers EGTs, which will split the load of the stock turbo. This turbo option will also increase the lifespan of your stock turbo. Purchasing a stocker kit makes converting to a compound setup down the road a much easier transition. 

Why would someone want a compound kit?

A compound kit is a game changer for the driver that tows super heavy (10-12,000+ lbs) loads with their truck. If your truck is running hot, smokey and if you have workload a compound turbo kit is right for you.  Compounds split the workload and fix all of the previously listed problems. For a super powerful and efficient setup our compound kits do the trick while also allowing your truck to remain your daily driver.

What is a VGT/INT?

VGT stands for Variable Geometry Turbo, INT stands for Infinite Nozzle Technology.

Why would someone want to upgrade to an INT?

The Diesel Power Source INT offers a quicker spool up, and more power throughout the RPMs . On the low end it acts like a small turbo and on the high end it acts like a big turbo . We also offer the option to add exhaust braking to your truck with our INT technology.

Can you purchase the INT Exhaust Housing only?

If you already have a s300 or s400 based turbo and want to go with our INT, you can just order the INT exhaust housing and get all the INT benefits.

What payment options do you offer?

We offer Cash, Credit Card, Paypal and Paypal financing, and Affirm.

Why would someone want a DPS Manifold? 

If you are looking for a high flow, high performance manifold our manifolds are for you.  We use CFD testing on all of our manifolds.

What Manifolds do we provide?

We offer 12V, T3- 24V, RV, 3G, T4 -24V, 6.7 - t4, and the new ISX manifolds.