Semi Class 8 & 7 Turbos

Welcome to Diesel Power Source, your ultimate destination for Semi Truck Performance upgrades! Explore our premium selection of aftermarket parts designed to enhance your diesel truck’s power, efficiency, and reliability, from exhaust systems to turbochargers. 

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  • S480 Turbo T6 S478 TURBO T6

    Turbonator® VGT Housing | Fits S400 T6 Turbos


    Turbonator® VGT Turbocharger|For S400 Turbos T6 | VGT Exhaust Housing Only Improve Spool-Up, Mileage and Engine Braking by adding our VGT housing to your S400 or S410 Turbo! Discover how well S400 turbos can perform and spool-up, when you add our...



    Turbonator® VGT S400 T6 Turbos


    TURBONATOR® VGT S475 | S478 | S480 | S483 | TURBOS Discover how well S400 turbos can perform and spool-up, when they come with the Turbonator® VGT—the ultimate upgrade for your diesel truck. Whether you're towing heavy loads or looking for...


  • isx cummins manifold Non-EGR Cummins ISX Manifold

    T6 Exhaust Manifold for Cummins ISX fits S400

    T6 Exhaust Manifold fits S400 & S410 Cummins ISX15 | X15 (Not a Stock Replacement) Upgrade Your Cummins ISX15 Performance with DPS T6 Exhaust Manifold for Deleted Semis! Key Features: Lowers EGTs, enhances durability. Accelerates exhaust gases for...

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  • CAT TURBO C15 C14 3406 CATERPILLAR DPS VGT for Cat Turbo

    Turbonator® VGT for CAT Turbo C15 C14 3406 Caterpillar


    Upgrade Your CAT Engine with DPS Turbonator VGT Turbo for C15, Caterpillar, and More Looking for the perfect upgrade for your CAT engine? The wait is over! Introducing the long-awaited T6 Turbonator VGT in the Borg Warner S400 Turbo platform. Upgrade...



Signs of a Bad Turbo on a Semi Truck

Keeping your semi truck's turbocharger in good shape is crucial for smooth performance. Here are some common signs it might be failing:

  1. Less Power: If your truck struggles to accelerate or maintain speed, the turbo could be to blame.
  2. Darker Exhaust Smoke: Look out for thicker, darker exhaust smoke, which could mean oil is leaking into the exhaust due to turbo issues.
  3. Weird Noises: Listen for strange sounds like whining or grinding coming from the engine or turbo area.
  4. Worse Gas Mileage: A faulty turbo can lead to worse fuel efficiency, so keep an eye on your mileage.
  5. Delayed Power: If there's a noticeable lag between hitting the gas and feeling a boost in power, your turbo might be acting up.
  6. Check Engine Light: Don't ignore a lit-up check engine light—it could be a sign of turbo trouble.
  7. Leaks: Watch for oil or coolant leaks around the turbocharger, which could indicate seal or gasket problems.

What are the benefits of upgrading to a high-performance turbocharger for my semi truck?

  • Upgrading to a high-performance turbocharger can offer several benefits, including increased horsepower and torque, improved fuel efficiency, quicker throttle response, reduced turbo lag, enhanced towing capability, and overall better engine performance. Additionally, high-performance turbos are often designed for greater durability and reliability, ensuring long-term value for the enthusiast.