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Compound Turbo System explained

Compound Turbo System explained

Posted by Diesel Power Source on Jun 11, 2016

Following the air and exhaust through a Compound Turbo System.

There is nothing more exciting than figuring out HOW to make an engine run better, faster and more efficiently. My love of science stemmed from my love of cars and explaining how our products work to our customers and readers is one of the coolest things about my job.

Quite often I get questions as to how the air and exhaust move through our twin turbo kits, so here’s a quick overview.

A compound turbo kit is one turbocharger that charges another turbocharger which in turn charges the engine. This takes place as the air comes in through the air filters then moves to the air intake. It then hits the large turbo first which has to be significantly larger than the smaller turbo. The large turbo pressurizes the air and pushes it into the second, smaller, charger. This second turbo then multiplies the air pressure ratio which then puts it into the intercooler, then into the engine.

The exhaust exits the opposite way. It goes first through the small turbo, then the large turbo, then out the exhaust pipe. If you have a wastegate, (which all of our kits do) then some exhaust can bypass the first turbo. That is essentially how our compound turbo kit works. If you have any questions, feel free to post them. I will do my best to get you quick answers.

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