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Turbonator VGT turbine housing and the S400 Turbonator
I installed the turbonator on my 2010 cummins, 2nd gen swap s400 series turbo today. Whoever your tech is that clocked it for me did a perfect job. Everything fit up like it was made for my truck. The machine work on the turbonator is amazing. Its like a work of art.
What does the Turbonator® VGT fit?
The DPS Turbonator® VGT can be purchased as a full Turbocharger that will fit in a Cummins (12V, 24V, Common Rail or 6.7L), it can also be purchased as a full turbo kit that will allow the Turbonator® Turbo to be installed in a 6.0L Ford without lifting the body of the Ford truck. The DPS Turbonator® VGT Turbine Housing can also be used with your existing 300 or S400 (T3 or T4) turbo by simply replacing your old turbine housing with the Turbonator® turbine housing. Doing so will turn your S300 or S400 turbo into a VGT Turbo. The DPS Turbonator® VGT does NOT fit the stock Holset turbo that comes with the Cummins engine. The DPS Turbonator® VGT does NOT fit the stock Garrett turbo that comes with the 6.0L Ford. If you have an S400 2nd gen Swap, the DPS Turbonator® VGT Turbine housing will fit your existing S400 turbo. Adding the DPS Turbonator® VGT turbine housing will give your 6.7L Cummins close to stock turbo spool up. The DPS Turbonator® VGT is more accurately a VNT, is a variable nozzle turbocharger with several unique features. Similar to aerospace designs, its vanes are very thin aerodynamic stators, riding on centroid pivots, which are supported on both ends. Due to this design, a very high volume of exhaust can flow through when the stators are wide open with very little restriction. Having pivoting technology throughout the system instead of sliding technology reduces wear and friction among the moving pieces, which is extremely important in high soot environments. The Turbonator® design is based on years of computer flow model testing. This new design allows us to control the pressure, volume of exhaust and the angle of attack onto the turbine wheel, more efficiently than any design we’ve tested it against. The Turbonator® will spool up 200-400 rpm's faster than the same size journal bearing turbo and run extremely clean and efficient. It can come as a full Turbo or as just a turbine housing that will fit with S300 & S400 (T4 & T3) turbochargers. Email: sales@dieselpowersource.com Ph: 801-930-8404
Diesel Power Magazine
Diesel Power Magazine
Nothing says "bang for the buck" like the '94 to '98 12-valve Cummins. Gaining horsepower can cost next to nothing, and even if the project takes a turn toward the extreme, big power can still be had without breaking the bank.
Why Turbochargers Are So Exciting, and the Basics of How They Work.
Why Turbochargers Are So Exciting, and the Basics of How They Work.
As a teen, I really wanted to figure out how to make power in my own car. After working on naturally aspirated engines for years, I got tired of the compromise of either having something drive able or having something with a lot of power. Then along came pickups with diesel engines and turbochargers. By this time in my life I had received a Masters in Engineering Design, and combined what I now knew to start making advancements in this exciting field of turbo diesel engines.
3 Bullet Bikes vs. 9,000 lb Lifted Megacab with Cummins.  Who wins?
3 Bullet Bikes vs. 9,000 lb Lifted Megacab with Cummins. Who wins?
Around 120 MPH, I ran out of RPM’s and was done. A minute later all three bikes came next to us giving us the thumbs up, probably as amazed as we were that only one of the three bikes could beat a lifted Dodge Megacab with 35” tires and weighing in a $9,000, plus the passengers, so right aroung 10,000 pounds altogether. A very fun race.
24V Cummins Pulls a Heavy Load up Steep Canyon Highway with Compound Turbos
Ben Cook's 24v Cummins stays below 1200 degrees while pulling a heavy load up the steep (6% grade) Parley's Canyon Hwy from Salt Lake City to Park City, going from 4500-7000 feet above seas level, with DPS 62/71/12 over S475 Compounds Turbos. Diesel Power Source Compounds regulate temps so well that high EGT's become a non-issue. Our Compound Turbo kits reduce temps by 300-400 degrees and increasing horse power around 25%. Designed so everything fits like it was built from the factory, these compounds bolt directly up to your stock exhaust pipe and come with everything you need to install. If you have any questions, we would love to talk with you, please give us a call! ** the end of the video incorrectly states the total commercial vehicle weight as 25,000 lbs the owner is going to get a scale tick of the official weight of which we will post.
Jason Plaksa
Jason Plaksa
"I went from a single 62/65/14 to your twin 62 over 475 kit in my 2001 with 150 horse injectors and I can honestly say what a difference in egts! Your kit works great for towing with a mild tune. Thanks again."
Tyler Lee
"Great choice for a aftermarket turbo, or even compounds! My DPS add on turbo kit is amazing, completely changed the truck, from EGTs, to spool and psi. Completely recommend y'all!"
Michael Moore
Michael Moore
"Your add a turbo kit works great on my 2011 ram it is just a tow pig but runs awesome has s475 and stock turbo 90hp injectors and efilive" Michael Moore Moore's Diesel Performance
Chris Weaver
Chris Weaver
"Honestly since putting your compunds on my truck has performed way better than before.. I can drive with out the overdrive off or in tow haule.. it just spools and pulls hard .. tons of power .. gets cooled from 1700* to 1300* on big time .. shreds tires down the freeway at 50.. the big test will be towing.. but I’m excited instead of worried!!" Chris Weaver