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Blog posts tagged with 'boost pressure'

Drive Pressure Cummins Myth on a 6.7 Cummins & T4 vs T3 Turbo
Despite what many are saying these days, drive pressure doesn’t and cannot cause head gasket failure. Drive pressure is the exhaust coming out of the engine when the exhaust valves are open, and the cylinder pressure is released into the exhaust manifold. As far as T3 vs T4 goes, we have actual CFD testing showing that our wastegate T3 .80/14 housing flows more with the wastegate shut than a T4 S300 turbine housing. The. Our wastegate can flow 22 lbs/minute more than that which makes our T3 housing actually flow the same as a T4 1.1 a/r housing. In other words, drive pressure on our is wastegated T3 turbine housing would be lower than a 0.9ar T4 housing and our housing would spool so much faster. Very similar to stock turbo on a 6.7 truck.