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Testimonial - Turbonator® VGT S400 Turbine Housing

Testimonial - Turbonator® VGT S400 Turbine Housing

Posted by John Olsen on Nov 23, 2023

Testimonial on the Turbonator® VGT turbine housing and the S400 Turbonator D.B., Just some feedback for you. I installed the turbonator on my 2010 Cummins, 2nd gen swap s400 series turbo today. Whoever your tech is that clocked it for me did a perfect job. Everything fit up like it was made for my truck. The machine work on the turbonator is amazing. It's like a work of art. Very smooth installation. Thats not the best part...I've got boost now! It starts to spool up …
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Customer Testimonial - Jason Plaksa

Posted by Jason Plaska on Jan 31, 2019

"I went from a single 62/65/14 to your twin 62 over 475 kit in my 2001 with 150 horse injectors and I can honestly say what a difference in egts! Your kit works great for towing with a mild tune. Thanks again."