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Testimonial - Turbonator® VGT S400 Turbine Housing

Testimonial - Turbonator® VGT S400 Turbine Housing

Posted by John Olsen on Nov 23, 2023

Testimonial on the Turbonator® VGT turbine housing and the S400 Turbonator 


Just some feedback for you. I installed the turbonator on my 2010 Cummins, 2nd gen swap s400 series turbo today. Whoever your tech is that clocked it for me did a perfect job. Everything fit up like it was made for my truck. The machine work on the turbonator is amazing. It's like a work of art. Very smooth installation. Thats not the best part...I've got boost now! It starts to spool up at 1100rpm where it used to at 16-1700. The biggest thing I noticed immediately is that cruising steady at 1500rpm I used to read 0psi with my big turbo. Now I read a steady 4psi, and if I barely touch the throttle the boost instantly responds. What a huge difference! Very rare does a turbo mod make such an impressive difference in performance. Simply amazing! Don't tell my wife, but someday you'll have to help me figure out how to turn this new turbo into twins... 

Thanks again for all your help. 

John Olsen