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Turbonator® VGT Turbo | Fits Ford 6.0

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Turbonator® VGT Ford 6.0 Turbo Upgrade | Ford 6.0 Turbo Kit "An amazing Ford 6.0 Turbo Upgrade, and S300 VGT !!!" Best turbo for 6.0 powerstroke! Ford 6.0 Turbo Kit fits 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007. …
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Turbonator® VGT Ford 6.0 Turbo Upgrade | Ford 6.0 Turbo Kit

"An amazing Ford 6.0 Turbo Upgrade, and S300 VGT !!!"

Best turbo for 6.0 powerstroke!

Ford 6.0 Turbo Kit fits 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007.

“Turbonator® is the holy-grail, for your trucks Ford 6.0 turbo problems!”
You have never seen this patented technology before!

DPS Turbonator® VGT Ford 6.0 Turbo Upgrade kit is the only S300 VGT on earth for your Ford 6.0 turbo replacement! Built on the S300 turbo platform our VGT spools lightning fast and handles as much as 800 HP, cools EGT's significantly, is clean and improves mileage. Our S300 VGT Ford 6.0 diesel turbo replacement costs less than competitors non gated aftermarket turbos. Looking for a 6.0 non vgt turbo, check this out first!

Turbonator Ford 6.0 Turbo Upgrade Features:

  • Aerospace-grade Variable Stator Technology (ultra robust)
  • Horsepower Gains typically be between 12%-20% rwhp
  • May significantly increase fuel mileage
  • Exhaust Braking (Electronic Model Only)
  • Increases spool-up 200 to 400 RPMs
  • Increases Low-End Torque
  • Lower drive pressures
  • Can achieve better than 1:1 Exhaust to Boost Ratio
  • Widens the operating range of your turbo significantly
  • 6-pad 360 Degree Thrust bearing w/machined oil ramps
  • S300 Compressor Wheel Sizes from 62, 64, 66, 66 SXE or 68mm
  • S300 Turbine Wheel Sizes: 71 & 74 mm
  • ETT (Extended Tip Compressor Technology)
  • An Excellent Ford 6.0 Turbo Kit to lower EGT's
  • Directly bolt on, in Ford 6.0 turbo location
  • Variable Stators (Variable Nozzle or Varible Geometry)
  • Can be used as direct factory replacement turbo
  • Lower EGT's (Exhaust Temps) by 10%-18%
  • Applications for Towing, Racing, Daily Driving, Fuel Mileage, Lower EGT's
  • Optional Billet Wheel Upgrade Available
  • Can be used in Twin/Compound Applications

S300 Turbo Options | Horsepower Range

Stage 1.5 | S362/68/SXE VGT Turbo |  HP
Stage 2    | S362/71/VGT Turbo | 200-430 HP
Stage 3    | S363/68/VGT Turbo | 250-470 HP
Stage 3.5 | S363/68/ Ball Bearing VGT Turbo |  HP
Stage 4    | S363/73/VGT Turbo | 300-510 HP
Stage 4.5 | S363/73/ Ball Bearing VGT Turbo |  HP
Stage 7    | S366/73/VGT Turbo | 400-650 HP
Stage 7.5 | S366/73/ Ball Bearing VGT Turbo | HP

*DPS Turbonator® VGT/VNT for 6.0 Ford Option

3 Stage Mechanical Actuator VGT Included

  • Improves spool-up by 200-300 RPM's
  • Improves turbo performance and output
  • Holds the veins better at every position throughout the RPM range

Hybrid Actuator Upgrade (available soon on Ford 6.0 Diesels)

  • Improves spool-up by 200-300 RPM's
  • Improves turbo performance and output
  • Adds Exhaust Brake to Turbo
  • Uses 3-Stage Actuator to continually adjust Stators
  • Exhaust Braking Function with the Turbonator® VGT - will always increase exhaust pressure while braking, however, Diesel Power Source does NOT guarantee a specific Exhaust Braking force as every truck and application will be different. We mainly recommend the exhaust brake (hybrid) option for trucks built in 2003 or after.


What is the Turbonator ®?:

The DPS Turbonator ® VGT / VNT are performance S300 & S400 Based Variable Geometry Turbochargers, designed with aerospace-grade stator technology making it extremely robust and durable. The patented/and patent pending stator housing can be clocked independently to fit multiple applications. The ultra efficient stators on the Turbonator improves spool up time by up to 400 rpms, lowers EGTs and improves fuel mileage. When our variable nozzle stators were CFD tested against the Ford 6.0 Powerstroke turbo - Garrett turbos, the testing showed that our turbine housing is much more efficient at putting exhaust energy into the turbine, flows much better overall and makes more power.

On the low-end the DPS Turbonator ® spools up quickly like a small turbo and on the top-end it the open stators allow maximum airflow and performs like a much larger turbo. The Turbonator will help you get that heavy load moving and keep it moving even when you hit a grade, while keeping EGT's in check. It will reduce low-end smoke, improving low end torque. It reduces smoke because it burns more of the fuel in the cylinder, translating to more power and better fuel mileage.

The Turbonator ® comes in the pneumatic or electronic option. Unlike the modified stock Ford 6.0 turbos with the small stock housings and stock parts, our Turbonator is a completely new, from scratch, innovative VGT / VNT made for performance applications. It is unique enough to receive more than one patent. Because the Turbonator® is based on the S300 and S400 turbo platforms they flow much more air and exhaust, keeping down drive pressures, and allowing a greater than 1:1 exhaust drive to boost pressure ratio, which is virtually impossible with other turbos.


Don't Spend Money to go Back to Stay Stock:

The OEM Ford 6.0 diesel turbo replacement costs are outrageous, and Ford 6.0 turbo rebuild kits can be sketchy business especially if you don't have your own balancing machines, and you simply get a stock turbo when you're done. The Turbonator® VGT Fort 6.0 Turbo Kit will give your Ford 6.0 truck much cooler EGT's, lower the drive pressure below boost pressure, and improve your power by appx. 12%-20%. No other single turbo can do that. Because of the ability to have higher boost over drive pressure you get unmatched performances, especially on tuned Ford 6.0 powerstrokes.

We're happy to talk to you and answer any questions you may have. Let us help you size a proper turbo to your application. Many times we can prevent you from purchasing the wrong turbo with just a simple phone call.

*Comes with a 1-year, limited warranty.

*Free shipping to the lower 48 states. When shipping to anywhere outside of the lower 48 states, additional shipping fees may apply.

If you're looking for a 6.0 non VGT turbo, or 6.0 powerstroke non vgt turbo, try our 6.0 VGT turbo. You will love this turbo. This is much different in size, performance and technology from the 6.0 powerstroke vgt turbo.

  • Big Difference 5

    Posted by Ray Hall on Aug 28, 2023

    I bought this kit for my 2004 Super Duty and what an improvement of stock! It already is a tight fit in the engine bay but it is very doable for the do it yourself person. Spools up real quick no lag. Definitely want to try and add a tuner soon.

Turbonator® VGT Turbo | Fits Ford 6.0

Turbonator® VGT Turbo | Fits Ford 6.0

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Turbonator® VGT Turbo | Fits Ford 6.0


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