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1988 - 1993 12V

1988-93 Cummins 12V

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DPS 1st Gen Compound Turbo Kit Cummins

DPS | 1st Gen Cummins Compound Turbo Kit | 1st Gen Dodge Cummins Turbo Upgrade

Make the ultimate 1st Gen Cummins 12V with DPS 1st Gen Cummins Compound Turbo kit. Built just for intercooled 1st Gen Dodge Cummins trucks. Amazing for towing, racing, power, daily driving and Low EGT's on 1gen cummins.
DPS First Gen Turbo Upgrade

DPS First Gen Turbo Upgrade | Best Turbo For 1st Gen Cummins 1988-93 12V

DPS First Gen Turbo Upgrade is the best turbo For 1st gen Cummins trucks. are an excellent choice for towing, daily driving or racing. Our S300 based performance turbos for 1st gen Cummins are the best turbo for 1st gen Dodge Cummins 12V. This 1 gen cummins turbo upgrade will not disappoint.
DPS 1st gen Cummins Exhaust Manifold 04429349 & 04883352

DPS First Gen Cummins Exhaust Manifold 12V | Find 1st Gen Cummins Part match 04429349 & 04883352

DPS 1st gen Cummins Exhaust Manifold, is a 12V first gen cummins exhaust manifold built for performance, 3-piece expansion joints for durability. Direct bolt-on first gen Cummins part, flows way better than stock, cools EGT's, is a factory replacement. OEM 04429349, 04883352.
$399.00 $429.00
DPS Turbonator VGT / VNT 3stage housing

DPS Turbonator ® VGT / VNT Variable Geometry Turbine Housing Only

The DPS patented Tubonator ® VGT is the most advanced turbine housing for S300 and S400 Borg Warner turbos. Increase Spool-up by 200-400 RPM's on your S300 or S400 turbo. Exhaust brake capable. Both electronic and mechanical vane control. Completely self contained electronics. DPS VGT turbine housing fits S300 exhaust wheel sizes 68, 71 & 73 mm, and S400 83/74 exhaust wheel sizes.
6.7 turbo upgrade

DPS Turbonator VGT Turbo para Dodge 5.9 Cummins y 6.7 Cummins S300 y S400.

El DPS Turbonator® VGT para Dodge Cummins 5.9 y 6.7 es una tecnología de turbina de paleta variable patentada y en proceso de patente, completamente nueva, NO es un VGT Holset modificado. Menor presión de conducción, mayor aceleración, potencia y rendimiento. Freno de escape incorporado. Una actualización perfecta de turbo para el 6.7 o el 5.9. Electrónica independiente. Nuestro VGT tiene relaciones A/R comparables desde 0.45 hasta 1.1 A/R para todos los turbos vgt S362, S364, S366, S368, S369, S467.7, S472.
DPS RV Exhaust Manifold for Cummins 12V 1988-1998 5.9  OEM 3931747, J901683, J931747

DPS Bus & RV Exhaust Manifold for Cummins 12V 5.9 Cummins Motorhome Industrial 3931747, J901683, J931747

DPS Performance Bus & RV Exhaust Manifold for 12V Cummins Motorhome. Cummins RV Manifold fits 1988-1998 Cummins bus engines and 5.9 Cummins Motorhomes. This 2-piece 5.9 Cummins industrial exhaust manifold and 12 valve cummins bus engine manifold has expansion joints. OEM 3931747, J901683, J931747