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Turbos for 12v Cummins 1989 - 1998

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GENUINE DPS TURBOS FOR 1989-1998 12V CUMMINS 1ST & 2ND Gen   DIRECT BOLT-ON 1989-1998 TRUCKS - 4" DOWNPIPE REQUIRED S300 TURBO SIZES Stage 1.5| S362/68/0.70 SXE/Billet WheelStage 2 &nbs…
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Stage 1.5| S362/68/0.70 SXE/Billet Wheel
Stage 2   | S362/71/0.70
Stage 3   | S363/68/0.70 SXE/Billet Wheel
Stage 3.5| S363/68/0.70 Ball Bearing/Billet
Stage 4   | S363/73/0.80 SXE/Billet Wheel
Stage 4.5| S363/73/0.80 Ball Bearing/Billet
Stage 5   | S364/71/0.70
Stage 7   | S366/73/0.80 SXE/Billet Wheel
Stage 7.5| S366/73/0.80 Ball Bearing/Billet
Stage 9   | S369/73/0.80 SXE Billet Wheel
Stage 9.5| S369/73/0.80 Ball Bearing/Billet

Sold standard with DPS wastegated exhaust housing.

Turbonator® VGT Upgrade Available, with exhaust braking capabilities.

  • (Turbonator VGT Improves Spool-up by approximately 200-300 RPM's. See below for details)

DPS Ball Bearing upgrades improve spool-up by 150-200 RPM's.  Ball Bearing and VGT upgrades can be done together for massive improvements in spool-up and responsiveness.

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Stage 1.5 | 1300-1450 RPM
Stage 2    | 1350-1500 RPM
Stage 3    | 1400-1600 RPM
Stage 4    | 1600-1700 RPM
Stage 5    | 1500-1650 RPM
Stage 6    | 1600-1800 RPM
Stage 7    | 1700-1900 RPM
Stage 9    | 1800-2200 RPM
Stage 10  | 1800-2100 RPM
Stage 11  | 2300-2500 RPM


Rated at Rear Wheel

Stage 1.5 | 450 Max HP
Stage 2    | 460 Max HP
Stage 3    | 500 Max HP
Stage 4    | 530 Max HP
Stage 5    | 530 Max HP
Stage 7    | 650 HP
Stage 9    | 775 HP
Stage 10  | 750 HP
Stage 11  | 900 HP

Turbonator® VGT Exhaust Housing Upgrade for your 12V

Improves spool-up by 200-300 RPM's.
Allows exhaust braking on all truck years.
Improves low-end power and torque.
Improves low-end torque.
Improves engine performance and output.
More responsive and drivable.
Cleans up smoke.
Improves fuel mileage.
Allows a larger turbo to be used because of the quick spool-up.
Options are with or without exhaust braking.

The Turbonator® VGT Exhaust housing comes completely self contained, and works amazing on 12 Valve Cummins engines.  It also can be upgraded to the exhaust braking feature on 12V engines as well.

Turbine Housing Info: Most DPS Turbos come standard with a T3 Wastegated exhaust housing, which can be upgraded to the Turbonator VGT/INT Housing.  Our Wastegated housings flow approximately 22 lbs/min through the wastegate when it is open.  This is the eqivalent of having one size larger turbine housing at wide open throttle, with the spool-up and drivability of a smaller exhaust housing when accelerating.  The best of both worlds!  On 5.9 Cummins engines our testing has shown the our T3, wastegated, exhaust housings perform superior in all categories compared to T4 housings non-wastegated housings.  Our standad divided scroll turbine housings create boost nearly 100-200 RPM faster and flow equal to or superior to the standard T4 housings at WOT.  We also have our Turbonator VGT housing available as an upgrade on most of our turbos, which improve spool-up another 200-300 RPM faster.

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Why DPS Compressor Housing are better:

  • Ported shroud inlet.
  • 5% increased airflow compared to standard Borg Housing

DPS manufactures (designs, casts and machines) nearly all of our own compressor and exhaust housings.  Designed with CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software for improved flow compared to anything our competitors have. Our engineer staff knows how our products flow and perform, we don't just guess.

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**Comes with 1-Year Limited Warranty**

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Turbos for 12v Cummins 1989 - 1998

Turbos for 12v Cummins 1989 - 1998

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Turbos for 12v Cummins 1989 - 1998


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