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Performance Turbo For 5.9 Cummins Turbo Upgrade All 5.9 Engines 12V 24V CR 1988 - 2007

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 TURBO 5.9 24V CUMMINS TURBO UPGRADE 1988-2007 1st Gen, 2nd Gen and 3rd Gen 5.9 Cummins 12V Turbos and 24V, 24 Valve Cummins Engine DPS S300 Performance 5.9 Cummins Turbos*All turbos in a Wastega…
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1st Gen, 2nd Gen and 3rd Gen 5.9 Cummins 12V Turbos and 24V, 24 Valve Cummins Engine

DPS S300 Performance 5.9 Cummins Turbos
*All turbos in a Wastegated Exhaust Housing unless upgraded

Bolt-On turbo for 1st gen, 2nd gen & 3rd gen Dodge Cummins turbo charged trucks. DPS turbos are excellent 5.9 Ram truck upgrades, durable, performance, wastegated, Dodge Cummins turbos (360 thrust bearing), and DPS exclusive Race Housing, 9% more air flow. DPS turbos for diesel, lowers EGT's, increases power, mileage, and durability. DPS Turbonator® VGT turbine housing upgrade drop in turbo. The best turbo upgrade option you can buy for your 1995 cummins turbo or 1996 cummins turbo. 

  • Stage 1 S362/65/0.70 Turbo
    *The following turbos can be upgraded to the Turbonator® VGT*
  • Stage 1.5  S362/68/0.70 SXE Billet Turbo
  • Stage 2    S362/71/0.70 Turbo
  • Stage 3    S363/68/0.70 SXE Billet Turbo
  • Stage 3.5 S363/68/Ball Bearing Turbo
  • Stage 4    S363/73/SXE Billet
  • Stage 4.5 S363/73/Ball Bearing Turbo
  • Stage 5    S364/71/0.70 Turbo
  • Stage 7    S366/73/SXE Billet Turbo
  • Stage 7.5 S366/73/Ball Bearing Turbo
  • Stage 9    S369/73/0.80 SXE Billet Turbo
  • Stage 9.5 S369/73/Ball Bearing Turbo

*Diesel Power Source Turbonator® VGT/VNT Exhaust Housing Upgrade Options

3-Stage VGT

An excellent Cummins diesel engine upgrade improves spool-up by 200-400 RPM's on the your Cummins depending on turbo size.
If you are looking for a 6.7 Cummins turbo this link will take you to our 3rd Gen and 2nd Gen Swap kits.
Improves turbo performance and output

Hybrid VGT - Allows Exhaust Braking

Improves spool-up by 200-400 RPM's with the 5.9 Cummins upgrades
Improves turbo performance and output
Adds Exhaust Brake to Turbo
Exhaust Braking Function with the Turbonator® VGT - will always increase exhaust pressure while braking, however, Diesel Power Source does NOT guarantee a specific Exhaust Braking force as every truck and application will be different. We mainly recommend the exhaust brake (hybrid) option for trucks built in 2003 or after.

Dodge Cummins Turbo Spool-Up and Horsepower Comparison Guide :

Use our Turbo Selector to decide the correct size Turbo for your truck!

Note: VGT on 1996 Cummins turbo or 1995 Cummins turbo option will improve these numbers by 200-400 RPM on the Cummins 5.9 turbo diesel

  • Stage 1 | 1300-1450 RPM's | 200-430 HP
  • Stage 1.5 | 1300-1450 RPM's | 200-450 HP
  • Stage 2 | 1350-1500 RPM's | 300-460 HP
  • Stage 3 | 1400-1600 RPM's | 300-500 HP
  • Stage 4 | 1600-1700 RPM's | 350-530 HP
  • Stage 5 | 1500-1650 RPM's | 350-510 HP
  • Stage 6 | 1600-1800 RPM's | 400-530 HP
  • Stage 7 | 1700-1900 RPM’s | 450-650 HP
  • Stage 9 | 1800-2200 RPM’s | 500-800 HP
  • Stage 10 |1800-2100 RPM's | 500-780 HP
  • Stage 11 | 2300-2500 RPM's | 600-1000 HP

DPS 5.9 Cummins Turbo Upgrade
Features & Benefits:

  • DPS Race Compressor Housing (flows 9% more)
  • Directly bolts onto 1988-2007 Dodge Cummins 5.9L (2002 & older require 4-inch downpipe)
  • 6 pad 360° Thrust Bearing
  • Wastegated turbine Housing (Adjustable)
  • Optional Turbonator® VGT Upgrade
  • Horsepower Gains typically be between 10%-18% rwhp, depending on truck modifications
  • Lower EGT's (Exhaust Temps) by 10%-15%
  • Can be used as direct factory replacement turbo
  • Applications for Towing, Racing, Daily Driving, Fuel Mileage, Lower EGT's
  • Optional Billet Wheel SXE Upgrade Available
  • Includes DPS exclusive 3-stage actuator (only available with Turbonator exhaust housing upgrade)

** 5.9 Cummins Turbo upgrades will spool differently in every truck. Injector size, timing, camshaft, and other mods all affect the spool-up, the above table is the typical spool-up RPM's. Excellent 5.9 Cummins upgrade.
The DPS turbo is based on the S300 turbo platform with substantial modifications. Our innovative in-house engineering with CFD (computational fluid dynamics) capabilities have greatly improved the performance and fuel efficiency of the DPS Turbos.

The DPS Turbo is also an excellent choice for the primary charger in a twin (compound) turbo application for the Cummins turbo diesel.

We normally see a 12-15% increase in power with just adding our Turbonator® VGT turbo.

If using our turbo upgrades in compounds, please let us know so we can configure the wastegate with a spring gate to prevent damage. 

Free shipping to the lower 48 states with this turbo for 5.9 cummins diesel. When shipping to anywhere outside of the lower 48 states, additional shipping fees may apply.

Fits Model Years: 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1998.5 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 5.9L Cummins.
Whether you’re towing, racing, daily driving, or just need a stock replacement on your turbo, this 5.9 Cummins upgrade turbo does it all on 1995 Cummins turbo or 1996 Cummins turbo with our drop in turbo for 5.9 Cummins.



Q: I want the best turbo upgrade for 5.9 Cummins turbocharged diesel. I have a 2006 Dodge Cummins, 5.9 tuner only.

A: The absolute best turbo upgrade for 5.9 Cummins turbo diesels is our DPS Turbos, with the Turbonator VGT upgrade.

Q: I have 90 HP injectors and a smarty tuner on my 2004 Cummins. What is the best 5.9 Cummins turbo upgrade I can get from your company?

A: Stage 3 with the Turbonator VGT option.

Q: I have a 12 Valve Cummins with a stock turbo. What is the best 12 valve Cummins turbo upgrade, knowing that 12 Valve Cummins don't spool turbos as well:

A: Obviously it depends on the truck's power, but the best 12 valve Cummins turbo upgrade for your 1995 Cummins turbo or 1996 Cummins turbo, is typically a 62 or 64 compressor wheel combined with our Turbonator VGT turbine housing. This makes your turbo a complete Variable Vane Turbo, and will spool amazing.

DPS In-house Engineered 360 Degree Thrust Bearing with machined oil ramps.

  • Love this Turbo! 5

    Posted by Mark Wadson on Feb 26, 2024

    This turbo improved the performance on my 3rd gen truck. This company has great customer service and I have been very happy with the product all around.

  • Happy with my upgrade 4

    Posted by Joel Myers on Jan 30, 2024

    I can tell you that this 24v turbo is a killer upgrade for the cost. Bonus points is that it bolts right on.

  • The REAL Deal 5

    Posted by Jon Mack on Aug 16, 2022

    Looks solid good quality. Great price, fast shipping!

  • Turbocharger 5

    Posted by Mike Smith on Mar 18, 2022

    Best upgrade from my HE351 on my '05 5.9. Turbo spools great and more boost over the stock turbo. Should have bought a lot sooner.

  • Five Nine Cummins 5

    Posted by Five Nine on Dec 7, 2021

    I bought a 2005 Dodge Ram 2500, but didn't really look into all of the aftermarket parts. It ended up having a DPS Turbonator Turbo, DPS Extreme manifold, DPS Arctic Cooler, S&B intake, 5 inch exhaust, DPF delete and a Smarty Touch S2G. The programmer doesn't work right, but Smarty is sending the stuff out to fix it..The truck is a beast and will be even more so, whenever I get the programmer up and going again. I turned my boost up this morning; just did 2 rotations, and man did it really wake it up..It sounds freaking great.

  • The best! 5

    Posted by Jaron Schact on Apr 17, 2021

    These guys are the best went in and told them what I have and what my plans are to for my truck and they hooked me up with a turbo , exhaust manifold and turbo horn for my 3rd gen Cummins all I can say is wow

Performance Turbo For 5.9 Cummins Turbo Upgrade All 5.9 Engines 12V 24V CR 1988 - 2007

Performance Turbo For 5.9 Cummins Turbo Upgrade All 5.9 Engines 12V 24V CR 1988 - 2007

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Performance Turbo For 5.9 Cummins Turbo Upgrade All 5.9 Engines 12V 24V CR 1988 - 2007


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