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Customer Testimonial -Rodney Selby

Posted by Rodney Selby on Jun 9, 2018

"Good morning DPS. I have finally finished up with the installation as well as getting the truck back together. I had taken vacation the entire week last week so I took my time in doing the project. The install went very well. My hat is off to you guys because you definitely have gotten this system down to the last little washer on installing the system. I work as a service engineer for a food processing equipment company and I have never been able to take a set of instructions and follow them and everything works out just exactly as it is stated in the instructions. The only small complication that I have is that the down pipe is touching the cab when a person is actually setting in the truck on the passenger side. That is nothing!!! I give you a huge Thank You and admire your ability to ship out a piece of equipment and it fit perfectly on a vehicle that you have never seen. I know you have seen a lot of Dodge trucks however I have always believed that vehicles are like people, we are all just alike but different.

I know I am taking your time to read this however I wanted to explain what has taken me so long to complete the job. I had taken the whole front of the truck off which allowed the installation of the turbo system to go in rather easy. I wanted to get my intercooler off and cleaned, pressure tested and painted before the compounds were hooked up to it. That took a few days. I also changed out the vacuum pump on the truck while the front was missing and out of the way. The pump had been leaking oil for a while and needed to have been replaced a long time ago. I ordered a Mishimoto radiator in preparation for the compound installation and installed it with both new radiator hoses. The engine oil was going to be changed even if you had not required it to be, she was ready for an engine oil change. I run the Rotella synthetic 5W-40 motor oil in the truck and I have been for a few years. This oil is better for it in the winter time therefore I use it year round.

I know you don't know me but this truck will not see a drag strip or a sled pulling application as long as I own it. It will see pulling a tractor and hay from time to time. After driving the truck with the compounds installed, I don't think the turbo's will ever have to get over 30-35psi for what I do with the truck. I wanted the compounds so that the engine would run as cool as possible when I do pull with it and to extend the engine life due to cooler running temps. I love to hear the system spool up however it doesn't have to very much. Alright, I have taken up enough of your time. Please notice the attachment; it should have all of the required paperwork that you have requested. If I have missed something, please let me know and I will get it to you. I hope you have a good day and thank you again for doing such a fine job in your engineering and prep for the system installation.

Rodney Selby