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Posted by Diesel Power Magazine on Dec 11, 2019

"Nothing says "bang for the buck" like the '94 to '98 12-valve Cummins. Gaining horsepower can cost next to nothing, and even if the project takes a turn toward the extreme, big power can still be had without breaking the bank.

Recently, we hooked up with Russ Kennel of Maximum Diesels in San Jacinto, California. He's a diesel shop owner who's becoming more and more involved in the old-school diesel aftermarket-mainly due to how fun and affordable it is. When we bumped into him, he'd transformed a $3,000 '94 Dodge Ram 2500 into a 12-second quarter-mile performer-and had done so on a very tight budget. But he wanted more.

With plenty of fuel on tap, Kennel recently upgraded to a set of twin turbos. By retaining his quick-spooling Tech 64 unit from Diesel Power Source and using it as the high-pressure charger, Kennel threw an S480 (also from Diesel Power Source) into the mix. Still within budget, the addition of the low-pressure charger and new plumbing propelled his standard cab Dodge into the 11s in the quarter-mile, and the truck picked up 145 hp on the dyno.

Is the 12-valve still the king of cheap diesel power? You betcha! Follow along as we give you Kennel's power recipe, dyno results, and elapsed time improvement from adding twins."

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