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FAQ's - 3rd Gen Swap Kit for Cummins

FAQ's - 3rd Gen Swap Kit for Cummins

Posted by Diesel Power Source on Jan 16, 2024

Frequently asked questions about the 3rd Gen Swap Kit for the 6.7 Cummins

Question #1: What is a 3rd gen swap for 6.7 Cummins?

Answer #1: The 3rd gen swap kit is essentially a 2nd gen swap kit, made easier. The 3rd gen swap kit changes out your old stock turbo with one of our performance-based turbos, and also switches out the old stock manifold. It keeps the turbo in the stock location, and uses fewer parts than a 2nd gen swap. It’s basically a turbo and a manifold that you are replacing with a few minor parts.

Question #2: Why would I need a 3rd gen swap kit? 

Answer #2: The stock factory turbo on the 6.7 Cummins, gets filled with soot and exhaust which then causes the turbo to get stuck around 50-150,000 miles. To prevent this from happening, your best option is to replace the stock turbo with a better turbo. The stock turbo and manifold have a weird flange size, so when you replace the stock turbo you also have to replace the stock manifold. The 3rd gen swap kit swaps out the stock turbo and manifold without modifications.

Question #3: What makes the 3rd gen swap turbo better than a stock modified turbo? 

Answer #3: The 3rd gen swap kit is a better option because you are replacing the stock turbo with a performance based turbo. The stock turbo was not made for performance, or durability. The 3rd gen swap kit can be enhanced with our non VGT/fixed vane turbo or our Turbonator VGT.

Question #4: What parts come in a 3rd gen swap kit?

Answer #4: A 3rd gen swap is basically a turbo and a manifold with a few other parts that bolt-up in the stock location. Besides the turbo and 24V 3-piece exhaust manifold, it also comes with an oil drain line, oil drain gasket, coolant block of plugs, T3 turbo gasket, 24V manifold gaskets, and necessary nuts, bolts and studs.

Question #5: Is the 3rd gen swap kit expensive?

Answer #5: The 3rd gen swap is much more affordable than replacing your turbo with a stock modified or a stock turbo. It has less parts, no fabrication or modification work needed, and a much easier install.

Question #6: How does a 3rd gen swap compare to a 2nd gen swap kit?

Answer #6: The DPS 3rd gen swap kit uses the DPS high flow 2-piece manifold which was designed with computational fluid dynamic software; which flows as well as a 2nd gen high flow manifold. The DPS 2-piece manifold is also designed to distribute the heat evenly throughout the 6 ports. Due to the high flow characteristics of our 3rd gen exhaust manifold, there is no real difference in performance between our 3rd gen swap kit and a 2nd gen swap kit. However, there is a big difference between the price and time it takes to install. The 3rd gen swap kit costs much less because it has less parts, no modification, and is much quicker and easier to install.

Question #7: What sizes does the 3rd Gen Swap come in?

Answer #7: The 3rd Gen swap kit comes with either a “Non VGT”/“fixed vane” or a Turbonator® INT/VGT turbo. It is available in a S300 T3 or S400 T4 kit that come in various compressor and turbine wheel sizes.

Question #8: Is the 3rd gen swap kit plug and play?

Answer #8: Our 3rd gen swap is a complete bolt-on application. However, it does require that your truck be previously deleted. The 3rd gen swap kit is mainly a turbo and manifold swap out with a few minor parts.

Question #9: Am I able to use my stock manifold on the 3rd gen swap kit?

Answer #9: A T3 or T4 exhaust manifold is needed to fit the new performance turbo on the 3rd gen swap kit. The flange on the stock exhaust manifold for a 6.7L Cummins is an odd T4i size that doesn’t fit aftermarket S300 and S400 turbochargers.

Question #10: What is a DPS Non VGT/ fixed vane turbo?

Answer #10: “Non VGT” or “fixed vane” turbo is one of our performance S300 or S400 (usually T3 or T4) based turbos that come in various sizes. Although much larger than the stock turbo they are designed to spool up quickly and give you a lot more air than a stock turbo. These are extremely durable and performance based turbos. Our “Non VGT” or “fixed vane” turbo will be a huge improvement over the factory OEM turbo.

Question #11: What is the Turbonator® INT/VGT?

Answer #11: Our Turbonator® is our very own VGT design and is not like a stock modified VTG at all. A stock VGT Turbo and stock modified turbos have small stock housings and stock internal parts that will eventually stick again due to soot build up. We specially designed our VGT/INT Turbonator® to get rid of the sticking issue with our patented variable stator vane technology. The Turbonator INT helps spool-up the turbocharger 200-500 rpm’s quicker and makes amazing power for your truck. We normally see a 12-15% increase in power with the Turbonator®  VGT and significant decreases in EGTs. Both the DPS Turbonator® and the DPS fixed vane turbo options are made for performance with a huge improvement regarding temps, and power.

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