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Cummins Engine Turbo Mods

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Cummins Engine Turbo Mods

Cummins Engine Turbo Mods

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Cummins Engine Turbo Mods




The best Cummins engine air flow

From Stock Horsepower up to 1300 HP.

Cummins Engine Turbo Selector:
Stage 1     200-550hp   Stock turbo + S475-Unavailable for 1st gen trucks
Stage 2     250-600hp   S362/65/0.7 over S475
Stage 2.5  250-625hp   S362/68/0.7 SXE Billet over S475
Stage 3     350-650hp   S362/71/0.7 over S475
Stage 4     350-675hp   S363/68/0.7 over S475
Stage 4.5  350-700hp   S363/68/0.7 Ball Bearing over S480
Stage 5     400-700hp   S363/73/0.7 over S475
Stage 5.5  400-800hp   S363/73/0.8 Ball Bearing over S480*
Stage 6     400-700hp   S364/71/0.7 over S475*
Stage 8     500-1050hp S366/73/0.8 over S480*
Stage 8.5  500-1100hp S366/73/0.8 Ball Bearing over S483*
Stage 9     500-1300hp S369/73/0.8 over S483*
Stage 9.5                     S369/73/0.8 Ball Bearing over S483*

*Kit not available for 6.7L Cummins engines.

How to Choose Your Cummins Engine Compound Kit:

  • Determine your horsepower level, keeping in mind our compound turbo kit will add about 25%
  • With you power determine what Stage Level of kit you want from the list above.
  • Match the Stages you choose to the star rating map to decide which kit is best for you.
  • Features & Benefits:
  • Excellent factory-like fit. bolt-on application, no cutting or fabrication needed.
  • Wastegated, allowing boost adjustment
  • Performance 3-Piece Exhaust Manifold included
  • Super high flow air filter
  • Kevlar/Nomex lined silicone low pressure charge pipe provide superior flow and fitment compared to steel 
  • High pressure metal charge pipe.
  • Cast hot pipe, not welded thin steel.
  • Flexible Steel braided oil supply lines
  • Stainless oil drain lines
  • S400 Atmospheric Borg Warner turbocharger 
  • S300 High Pressure Wastegated turbo
  • High pressure Ball Bearing Turbo Available for lightening fast spool up.
  • Support bracket for Lower (large) turbocharger.
  • Lower EGT's by 250-450 degrees, over a single turbocharger.  
  • Increase horsepower by 22% to 30% depending on your turbo selection. 
  • All of our Compound Kits are excellent for towing.  But for our best Towing Compounds/Twins are any of the kits using the
  • 62mm compressor wheels, or the Stock Turbo.
  • Our Cummins compound turbos are the best turbo upgrade for Dodge Cummins equipment pickups, and significantly improves the diesel performance.
  • Computer Flow Model Tested for unmatched air and exhaust flow.
  • The only company making 1st gen cummins compound turbos 

Why Our Compound Turbos Work So Well on you Cummins engine:

A lot more cool air enters the cylinders, because the dual staged compressors work together within their most efficient zones.  The boost air is typically over 100 cooler per pressure made than from a single turbo.
The air entering the cylinder is at higher pressure, bringing the boost pressure and exhaust drive pressures near a 1:1 ratio.  The intake stroke can actually produce power.
There are additional air molecules in the cylinder which do not get involved in combustion which carry the heat out of the cylinder (similar to how a jet engine is cooler).
It has more complete combustion in the cylinders because there’s more air in the cylinder to burn all of the fuel.
Diesel Power Source compound turbo 5.9 cummins turbo kits are all designed on CAD/CAM Software, using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) Testing.  Our Cummins compound turbos give a factory-like fit with the highest performance possible.  Everything fits like it was built from the factory, and performs so well.  You’ll wonder how you ever drove without them. 

Head Studs Recommended For:
1988-2002 cummins engines over 48 psi boost, and fire rings for over 55 psi boost
2003-2007 engines over 55 psi boost, and fire rings for over 65 psi boost
2007.5-2018 6.7 engines, over 48 psi boost, and fire rings for over 55 psi boost 
Our Compound Turbo systems are all capable of over more than 55 psi, but are adjustable depending on truck.

Fits: 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1998.5 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2007.5 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 Year Trucks

** 1-Year, Limited Warranty.

Free shipping to the lower 48 states.  When shipping to anywhere outside of the lower 48 states, additional shipping fees may apply.

***On 2nd Gen trucks with automatic transmission.  The trans oil heat exchanger on the side of the engine block will need to be removed, bypassed or relocated to the frame.  We sell the relocation kits for $149, select in the drop down.

***Only 2002 and older kits come with a downpipe, 2003 and newer kits bolt right to the factory exhaust.

***These kits do NOT have a CARB exemption.  However our exhaust manifolds do. 

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