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Chummins Compound Turbos for Chevy Cummins Swap Conversions

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DPS CHUMMINS COMPOUND TURBOS FOR CHEVY CUMMINS SWAP CONVERSION Chevy Cummins Conversion Compounds fit all Chevy Truck Years Even works on Cummins Swap Suburbans  DPS Chummins compound turbo kit f…
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Chevy Cummins Conversion Compounds fit all Chevy Truck Years

Even works on Cummins Swap Suburbans 

DPS Chummins compound turbo kit for your Chevy Cummins Swap. Make Chummins conversions run amazing! Our Chummins Compound turbos fit the heater AC box, and actually fit. When doing a 12V Cummins Swap Chevy, Cummins Swap Suburban, or any 5.9 or 6.7 Cummins Swap. It’s the only kit which will truly fit your conversion.

Some modification required to intercooler hose and exhaust may be required.

Chevy Cummins Swap Turbo Selector:

Stage 1     200-550hp  Stock turbo + S475-Unavailable for 1st gen trucks
Stage 2     250-600hp  S362/65/0.7 over S475
Stage 2.5  250-625hp  S362/68/0.7 SXE Billet over S475
Stage 3     350-650hp  S362/71/0.7 over S475
Stage 3.5  350-700hp  S362/71/0.7 over S480
Stage 4    350-675hp  S363/68/0.7 over S475
Stage 4.5 350-675hp  S363/68/0.7 over S480
Stage 5    400-700hp  S363/73/0.8 over S475
Stage 5.5 400-800hp  S363/73/0.8 over S480*

Stage 6    400-700hp  S364/71/0.7 over S475*
Stage 6.5 400-750hp  S364/71/0.7 over S480*
Stage 7    450-800hp  S364/71/0.8 over S480*
Stage 8    500-1050hp S366/73/0.8 over S480*
Stage 8.5 500-1100hp S366/73/0.8 over S483*
Stage 9    500-1300hp S369/73/0.8 over S483*

 *For 6.7 cummins engines only use Stage 6 or higher.

Features of Chevy Cummins Compounds:

  • Race Comp. Housing for S400 Turbo flows 9% more air
  • Designed to fit your Cummins engine in a Chevy conversion
  • Designed to clear the heater a/c core
  • Wastegated, allowing boost adjustment
  • Performance 3-Piece Exhaust Manifold included
  • Pre-tapped pyro ports
  • Super high flow air filter
  • Kevlar/Nomex lined silicone low pressure charge pipe provide superior flow and fitment compared to steel 
  • High pressure metal charge pipe.
  • Cast hot pipe, not welded thin steel.
  • Flexible Steel braided oil supply lines
  • Stainless oil drain lines
  • S400 Atmospheric Borg Warner turbocharger 
  • Diesel Power Source S300 High Pressure Wastegated turbo w/360 Thrust Bearing
  • High pressure Ball Bearing Turbo Available for lightening fast spool up.
  • Support bracket for Lower (large) turbocharger.
  • Lower EGT's by 250-450 degrees, over a single turbocharger.  
  • Increase horsepower by 22% to 30% depending on your turbo selection. 
  • Excellent for towing
  • Computer Flow Model Tested for unmatched air and exhaust flow.
  • Tight to the block fitment
  • Includes DPS exclusive 3-stage actuator (only available with VGT Turbonator exhaust housing upgrade)


Reasons Why Our Compound Turbos Work So Well:

  • A lot more cool air enters the cylinders, because the dual staged compressors work together within their most efficient zones.  The boost air is typically over 100 cooler per pressure made than from a single turbo.
  • The air entering the cylinder is at higher pressure, bringing the boost pressure and exhaust drive pressures near a 1:1 ratio.  The intake stroke can actually produce power.
  • There are additional air molecules in the cylinder which do not get involved in combustion which carry the heat out of the cylinder (similar to how a jet engine is cooler).
  • It has more complete combustion in the cylinders because there’s more air in the cylinder to burn all of the fuel.

Head Studs Recommended For:

  • 1988-2002 engines over 48 psi boost, and fire rings for over 55 psi boost
  • 2003-2007 engines over 55 psi boost, and fire rings for over 65 psi boost
  • 2007.5-2018 6.7 engines, over 48 psi boost, and fire rings for over 55 psi boost 

Our Compound Turbo systems are all capable of over more than 55 psi, but are adjustable depending on truck.

Our Chummins Compound kits have many unique design characteristics like our S400 Race Compressor housing, with a tight elbos.  Cast and machined hot pipe, special molded tubing, giving our kit alone the ability to fit into the complex Conversion Projects, including Cummins swap suburbans,  12v Cummins swap Chevys, and other 5.9 Cummins engines in a Chevy truck.

Where else can you find a Compund kit for your conversion.  No where, but here.  

Horsepower, and torque are increased throughout the entire RPM band, and significantly increased in mid and upper range.  

 **While a downpipe is not included in this kit, we do include a machined exhaust adapter/reducer which v-band clamps onto the exhaust outlet of the S400 turbo, so that a 4” or 5” exhaust pipe can be welded or v-band clamped onto it.  This makes it very convenient to attach whatever exhaust system you have to your cummins swap.   We do offer a 2nd gen Dodge downpipe which will be close but made need adjustments to fit the Conversion projects. 

** 1-Year, Limited Warranty. 

Free shipping to the lower 48 states.  When shipping to anywhere outside of the lower 48 states, additional shipping fees may apply. 


Q:  What are Chevy Cummins swap problems with Fummins compound turbo kits?

A:  The biggest Chevy Cummins comversion problems, are clearing the heater core with compounds, DPS Chummins kits completely clear the heater core.

Q:  What brand of Chumins swap kit does DPS Chummins compound turbos fit?

A:  As far as we know, our Chummins Compound Turbo Kits fit all Chumins swap kit brands.

Q:  Are DPS Chevy Cummins twin turbo kits compatible with other turbos.

A:  Generally to clear the heater a/c box our turbos must be used.

Please Note: Chevy/Cummins or any other conversion kit are considered a custom application.  The hardest part of these conversion kits are getting both turbos to fit in the truck and clear the heater core. Our compound kits are specifically designed to get both turbos to fit nicely. In most cases the intercooler hose will fit to a factory intercooler, and will allow the intake to fit as well, however because all of these conversion kits are so custom in nature it is the responsibility of the installer to tie in the intercooler, exhaust and intake tubing into the truck.  This is because the engines, alternators, batteries, intercoolers, etc. can be done in some many different configurations it would be impossible for any single kit to universally fit every swap application.  In most of the conversion applications, expect to do some fabricating to exhaust pipe, intake and/or intercooler tubing.  

  • Fummins 5

    Posted by Spence L on Sep 13, 2023

    Thanks so much guys, fummins compounds fit like a glove. 97 f350 with 74k original miles , 6k on 24 valve Cummins & 47re swap ,shackle reversal , cross over steering and around 10 inch of lift .rolling on 37s .funny thing is I built this to pull our toy hauler. Can’t wait to pull with compounds. By the way I have to tell you I was skeptical of a fummins compound kit due to the lack of space but your guys on the phone assured me this kit would work. Wish I would have found you guys before I first installed my Cummins with a single BD turbo

  • Fitment 5

    Posted by Mike J on Mar 31, 2023

    These kits just fit and work with the HVAC box. I did have to modify the downpipe but I knew that going into the project. Dropped a 5.9L12V into a 2005 F350. Awesome power and torque, now just need to get the trans built.

  • Best compound kit for Ford/Cummins project 5

    Posted by Derek T on Mar 2, 2023

    This kit just fits! I went with the smaller 62/65 with s475 for my 2002 Excursion conversion. Best family tow vehicle. The kit fit and you told me I would have to modify the downpipe to fit and I just had a muffler shop do a custom fit downpipe and exhaust for me. We look forward to many more years of family camping with this new setup! Thanks DPS

Chummins Compound Turbos for Chevy Cummins Swap Conversions

Chummins Compound Turbos for Chevy Cummins Swap Conversions

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Chummins Compound Turbos for Chevy Cummins Swap Conversions


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