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Install Instructions | Support

Installation Instructions | Support | Software



*IMPORTANT:  Never click the hidden "CALIBRATE" button in the software!

Doing so may void warranty and may damage actuator.

Download VGT Software V1.5 Latest HD-1 HD-2

How to Install DPS Software & Driver

VGT Electronics Written Installation Instructions

VGT Electronics Installation Video (Watch First)

VGT Electronic CALIBRATION (HD1 & HD2 Actuators)

VGT CLOCKING (Mechanical and Med Duty Electronic)

DPS Turbonator Software Troubleshooting Video (Click Here).

VGT Troubleshooting Written (Click Here)

VGT Electronic CALIBRATION (HD 1 Actuator) Solid Linkage Pre 2021

VGT Electronic Actuator CALIBRATION (Medium Duty Only)


Adjusting & Calibrating Mechanical VGT Actuator.

VGT CLOCKING (Mechanical and Med Duty Electronic)


Unison Ring Pre-November 2021

Calibration and Stopper Recall for T6 VGT Mechanical

Changing T6 Coverplate & Calibrating 3-Stage Actuator

**Compound Turbo Kit Items**

2nd Gen Stocker Compound Kit Instructions (Click Here)

2nd Gen Full Compound Kit Instructions (Click Here)

3rd Gen Stocker Compound Kit Instructions (Click Here)

3rd Gen Full Compound Kit Instructions (Click Here)

6.7L Stocker Compound Kit Instructions (Click Here)

6.7L Full Compound Kit Instructions (Click Here)

Fummins / Chummins Compound Kit Instructions (Click Here)

Triple Turbo Kit Instructions (Click Here)

**Single Turbo Instructions**

6.7L 3rd Gen Swap Kit S300 (Click Here).

6.7 3rd Gen Swap Kit S400 (Click Here).

Wastegate Adjustment / Calibration

Ford 6.0 Turbonator® Installation Video (Click Here).

Ford 6.0 Turbo Installation Instructions (Click Here).

Adjusting Wastgate Actuator (Click Here)

**Exhaust Manifold Instructions**

3rd Gen Manifold 2003-2007 (Click Here)

2nd Gen Manifold 1998.5-2002 24V (Click Here)

1st an 2nd Gen Manifold 1994-1998 12V (Click Here)

T4 2nd Gen Manifold 1988-2018 (Click Here)

Fummins & RV Manifold 12V (Click Here)

6.7 T4 Exhaust Manifold (Click Here)

**Other Instructions**

Air Conditioning Relocation Kit (Click Here)

Transmission/Heat Exchanger Relocation Kit (Click Here)